"Ageism" Affects Us All - Our Wallets, Our Businesses, and the Quality of People's Lives.

Jeff Rubin, Author of Wisdom Of Age - Advocate for Positive Ageing

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Some Wisdom of Age Gems

Here Is Some Of The Wisdom Inside.

"Change begins with the power of words, conversation and action." Jeff Rubin Author.

“Do not judge people by how old they are and the effects of aging about them. It only matters on how they act on the inside.” Kadan, Age 11.

“One cannot be judged by age. Just as every 20- year-old is very different in intelligence, maturity, and judgement, so is everyone at every age.” Ginger, Age 80.

“I don't know how to say her name but she is a hard-working woman and she just turned 90. I learned from her not to judge a book by its cover. My sister is younger. She is 8 and my advice to her is to enjoy life as a kid because it will change.” Dakota, Age 11

What People Say About "Wisdom Of Age"

"You Won't Put This Book Down Until The Last Page - And Then You Will Want To Read It Again!"

About the Author, Jeff Rubin.

Jeff Rubin is a civic improvement, community engagement, and communications professional who believes that every individual has the right to be heard and the power to make a difference regardless of their ability or age. 

Jeff Holds The First Major Mayorial Endorsement in The U.S. for new National Public Benefits Program.

He believes this to be especially true if there are decisions being made that impact the quality of any individual’s life.  

A champion of inclusion and collaboration, he sees both as essential components in bringing about productive and effective change.  

Jeff has been acknowledged for his efforts over the years, winning Editor and Publisher’s top award for community service while marketing and directing several community newspapers, and later being recognized by his peers for leading and advancing older adult and intergenerational programs at the local, state, and national levels.  

More recently, Jeff was appointed by the previous Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear, to serve as a member of the Kentucky Institute on Aging, an advisory body to the Department of Aging and Independent Living. In addition, he hosts a radio talk show on contemporary community issues, and is a contributing columnist to print and online media. 

Check out what other people had to say about the Book...

Frank DeDominicas

It Really Touched Me.

I wept on the very first page. What really impacted me was that I was learning from people 5 Years Old.

Frank DeDominicis

Ellen Hagan

I Was Amazed.

I was amazed at the wisdom that the young folks have, I was thinking that it was such a great thing to see, the young and the old people's advice to others as they grow older.

Ellen Hagan